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Shepards Sweets

Services Provided

Branding, Website Design, Image Making, Social Media Marketing, PR, Content marketing, Photo and Video production

Team Members

New Williams, Jennifer Mcpherson, Tony Pape, Breanna Gutierrez, Steph Rawlins, Niki Boutte

Trendcend is proud to have been the driving force behind the digital metamorphosis of Shepard's Sweets. We not only established her presence on social platforms but also achieved a staggering 2000% boost in her online visibility. Our strategic approach significantly elevated engagement metrics and paved the way for a surge in sales leads.

Our involvement extended beyond mere numbers. We redesigned her website making it more user friendly and aesthetic. We orchestrated photo and video shoots, producing content that was not only visually arresting but also perfectly aligned with the brand's essence. Our adept copywriting resonated deeply with Shepard's Sweets' target audience, striking a chord and fostering brand loyalty.

Leveraging our vast network and industry know-how, we successfully positioned Shepard's Sweets in numerous esteemed food publications in the digital realm, further amplifying her brand reach and reputation.

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